Author Lou Saulino

Lou Saulino is the Founder and President of Lou Creative Inc.
After forty years in Civil Engineering, the last thirty as an Executive, he ventured into the field of writing about sports and his life experiences and also developed several Copyrighted works and a Trademark.

Lou now has three published books and a fourth in edit. His novel, Athlete For Hire was initially written as a TV Pilot.

Soon to be released is Framily (friends considered family), the third in the trilogy which follows “8” Center Field in New York, 1951-1957 and Dopey Bastid.





Framily (Friends considered family)Coming Soon Framily (friends considered family)

“As three best friends enter into parenthood, each together with their childhood mate, historical sporting events are cast through a revealing lens. The reader is afforded an insightful recounting of the past, either learning pristine facts or simply receiving a refresher course. In any event, Framily (friends considered family) will have you laughing out loud, perhaps shedding a tear, and most certainly emboldening the true meaning of friendship.”